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Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

As bride and groom to be, you are the most special people that your family and friends see right now and naturally what you will want is to prepare the most beautiful and unforgettable wedding day that not only you but your loved and near ones will also enjoy and remember for years to come.

Coming up with that “je ne sais quoi” to make the day as exceptional as your dreams requires a little touch of imagination and sometimes outside help like with the likes of a wedding planner.

At MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS we have seen and done some amazing special touches for our happy couples. Here’s some easy ways to engage pen to paper on what might be your favourite tip to apply to your day.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.



“Once upon a time there was…” As a newly engaged couple the moment your fairytale truly began may seem a far distant memory and for many we assume the fairytale starts from the engagement but how wrong are we! On your wedding day, what better way of getting your guests to understand and relive the moment your eyes locked and you knew it was love for the very first time, than to translate your story in the wedding itself.

We love all things paper and one way is to create an info graphic of your journey as a couple. You could keep these at each wedding guests’ seat or as you come into the reception for everyone to read and exchange on. Nothing is better than engaging with your guests while not there through quirky games or sentimental memorabilia.

Your loved ones and friends are all at your wedding to wish you well and will love to read the little quirks of how your relationship began. Plus it will make a lovely memento of the day to keep and share with your children one day…


The world of print is all the trend and we love suggesting creating a newspaper with a vintage feel and look, or using favourite characters from classic storybooks to re-tell your fairytale focusing on key moments, snaps from your holidays, when you were younger, a timeline of your journey, before the love story, throughout your journey and favourite quotes or anecdotes. It’s a lovely keepsake for guests and translates your love into a conversation starter around the table.



Imagine yourselves being the ultimate couple arriving in true style if on a waterside property. Think classic day boat such as the epitome of elegance on board a riva like straight out of romantic movie, or fly in from the sky by helicopter. Bound to make an impact and unforgettable for both you and your guests.


MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS have what it takes to ensure your grand entrance is one that will be the talking point for years to come.


There is something just simply breathtaking about a sky filled with tiny lights getting brighter than the stars behind them, with the release of Chinese lanterns. Each time this is done, there is an air of absolute awe and love spreading. Make sure to ask your venue if it is allowed permitting that there may be trees and buildings around.

Alternatively, biodegradable balloons are another option. Avoid strings and ornaments attached to respect the nature. Still a meaningful gesture to do after the cutting of the cake while holding a glass of champagne to toast the happy couple on their way as newly weds.




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