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Your trusted partner to lean on throughout your new milestone.

The first point of contact is a consultation in which we share our process and get to know the couple, that is both bride and groom. It allows you to ask any and all questions. Our goal is to make the bride and groom feel that they have our full attention; this is a big investment of time, trust and funds, so it’s critical that you know how much you care.


Simplifying processes is easier for tracking and allows for better budget forecasting.

The bride and groom will be walked through the contract, step by step, so that each party knows exactly what to expect. It prevents miscommunication later. You already have so much on your plate, so making the little steps, like paperwork, easy is a true help using an online platform. This makes it easy to send contracts and invoices where we can accept e-signatures and payments over the internet. Easy on you. Easy on us.


An important tool that coordinates all aspects, vendors, and guests.

Including a structured timeline allows us to show the bride and groom what we find is the most effective, smooth process for keeping the wedding on track. Having even the smallest error on a timeline could leave to a domino effect of errors. A well constructed timeline allows for a seamlessly executed wedding.


Our ultimate goal is to rewrite a couple’s love story into their reception.

We recommend couples spend some time to pin (or create a moodboard) of things that they like that are unrelated to wedding elements (not bouquets, invitations etc) – simply things that they both like and do together. This may be:

  • Activities they enjoy
  • Recipes or cocktails they love
  • Books or movies they relish

By diving into these boards and getting to know couple’s unique interests, it allows us to create wedding concepts around them that are truly original.